Emco Waterworks is the largest waterworks distributor in Canada with over 49 locations. We carry an extensive variety of pipe, valves and fitting product lines. For specialized Waterworks management projects.

We specialize in municipal water projects, storm water management,
rainwater harvesting, erosion & sediment control and irrigation.

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When the trench is dug and the machines are ready to go, count on Emco Waterworks to deliver.

  • Water & Wastewater distribution projects come in all different sizes. Emco Waterworks is capable of providing the logistics and expertise on any size of job. Waterworks banner image
  • Water retention can sometimes be a complicated affair due to difficult site conditions. See how Emco Waterworks helped to solve this issue at the Oxford Business park, a part of the large Calgary Airport Expansion. Waterworks banner image
  • No matter the complexity of the job, Emco Waterworks can supply a complete package for nearly any type of water distribution project. Waterworks banner image