Corporate Structure

Emco Waterworks offers the power of dealing with a national company while still retaining the feel of dealing with a small, privately held company. With a network of over 50 profit centres spread across Canada, the local managers of these profit centres are empowered to act like owners to partner with vendors of their choice to offer their customers the best solution for their local markets. At the same time, by leveraging our purchasing power and centralizing transactions, we can operate more efficiently than our smaller regional competitors.

One of our key business principles is to treat the profit centre as the heart of the business. As a result, we operate with a very flat organizational structure which allows for quick decision making at a local level. All supported as effectively and efficiently as possible by our National Support Centre team.

Our vendor partners manufacture only the highest quality products and combined with our high level of customer service, we do our part to help our customers complete their projects on time and on budget.