Rain Tank Storm Water Management

The Rain Tank is a sub-surface rainwater storage tank with highly permeable surfaces made up from manufactured modular components. It is used “at-source” allowing the option for infiltration, detention, or retention. With these unique characteristics, the Rain Tank aids designers in managing stormwater run-off, reducing pollutants entering surface waters, recharging local aquifers and relieving pressure on existing stormwater systems.

The Emco Rain Tank System is the complete package of components you will need to install a Rain Tank, including engineering consultation and on-site instruction and inspections. This package is brought to you using a simple cost/m3 of tank.

Since 2003, Emco has been providing Rain Tank solutions for engineers, municipalities, and developers across the country. We have numerous installations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario (see project examples). To date, installed tanks range from as little as 2 m3 to larger than 4,000 m3– there is no limit to what you can achieve in capacity.

The core of the Emco Rain Tank System is the modular components. Emco first brought you the original Atlantis D-Rain Tank module, designed in Australia over 20 years ago. We are now also introducing the next generation modular system from Brentwood Industries – the StormTank module – manufactured in North America. Both modular components are made from recycled post-industrial plastic, which is particularly important if you are working on a LEEDTM project.

The Emco Rain Tank System offers a unique combination of flexible configurations, ease of installation, high detention capacity, high media permeability and low long-term clogging factors; all in one system. It has a wide range of applications including car parks and road drainage, housing, sports fields, roof gardens, etc. For the same excavated volume, an Emco Rain Tank System can manage a lot more water than conventional infiltration methods – such as sand trenches, soak away gravel pits, perforated or slotted pipe.

With its sub-surface design, the Emco Rain Tank System maintains environmentally sustainable urban developments. It alleviates mosquito infestation, and maintenance/liability headaches that open detention ponds bring about. Furthermore, by installing under parking lots or landscaped areas, developers can free up land for additional revenue.

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