EMCO Waterworks Careers

Emco Waterworks is a growth oriented company that is positioning itself for major growth in Canada. To do this we need to recruit highly motivated, intelligent and entrepreneurial minded people who are excited about the prospect of building a business within the exciting, and ever expanding, waterworks wholesale distribution market. If this prospect seems right to you, please consult the job opportunities at our corporate website or contact us via email.

EMCO Manager Development Program

Emco’s MDP program is a 3-4 year program where you are given the opportunity to learn every aspect of our business, with the potential to become one of our Profit Centre Managers when you are finished.

How does an unrelated degree land you a management job? At Emco, it’s not about your degree but rather your enthusiasm and your eagerness to put your hand up and get involved. Our Manager Development Program will bring out your entrepreneurial spirit in just 3-4 years. Bring your passion and we’ll bring out the leader in you. »