Commercial/Industrial Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is a resource that can be collected and re-used in irrigation and other gray water uses. Rainwater harvesting requires a collection system and storage tank, a pump and control system, and often a method to remove pollutants.

Emco has been involved in many projects that require large capacity underground storage tanks for rainwater harvesting projects. These include institutions, commercial, and industrial applications. The Raintank system lends itself particularly well to LEED projects with partial content of recycled materials.

The concept shown is a simple way of creating a rainwater harvesting system in a stormwater application.

Whether you are designing an above ground or below ground rainwater harvesting system, be sure to comply with local regulations for rainwater re-use.

Please note that Emco can provide you with full-design irrigation systems through our many branches, and in Alberta and BC our irrigation specialists Van-Kel.