Waterworks – Mt. Pearl

WWS Mt. Pearl

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18 Bruce Street

Mt. Pearl, NL

A1N 4T4

Contact: Clarence Brown

Tel: (709) 747-2626

Fax: (709) 747-2623

Our Mission

At Waterworks – Mt. Pearl, our mission is to be the HDPE Solutions Provider. With our highly energized and dedicated team, we are committed to providing the best technical support and customer service in the industry.  We are proud to service Newfoundland & Labrador for all of its HDPE Pipe & Fitting, McElroy Equipment Sales, HDPE Fusion Service & Rentals, HDPE Fabrication & Manufacturing requirements.  We work closely with our valued customers and our strategic vendors to make sure their needs are not only being met but exceeded!

Our Products

Waterworks– Mt. Pearl is Newfoundland & Labrador’s first choice for HDPE Pipe.  Our three main types of pipe are Municipal & Industrial Pipe, Insulated Pipe, and Pipe.  At Waterworks – Mt. Pearl , getting the pipe you want delivered when you need is our top priority.

McElroy - Misc
Insulated pipe
Roll of gas pipe
Waterworks – Mt. Pearl can offer a wide range of Fittings for HDPE Pipe to help you direct the flow of your HDPE pipe.  Our fitting lineup includes HDPE Municipal & Industrial Fittings, Electrofusion Fittings,  Victaulic Mechanical Fittings, and HDPE Manholes.  Waterworks is Newfoundland & Labrador’s leading supplier of HDPE Fittings.