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EZ Street Asphalt logo EZ Street Asphalt

The Secret of EZ Street Asphalt

The secret of EZ Street is that its polymer-modified cold asphalt can permanently repair potholes, street edges, utility cuts and provide overlays to asphalt or concrete. It works in all weather conditions – it can even be installed in rain puddles.

On driveways, roadways and highways, EZ Street cold patch is easy to apply and requires no mixing or tack coat. Simply clean loose debris, fill the area with EZ Street cold patch asphalt, then compact it with a hand tamp, a shovel or car tire. Overfill it to a slight crown as traffic will compact it a bit further. Visit our case study pages for EZ Street paving solutions.

 Cambridge Brass logo

The ‘Cambridge’ Coupling 

“It’s Universal!”  NO-LEAD. NO WORRIES.®

 Cambridge Brass coupler

Cambridge Brass product demo

Design features:

– 300 PSI working pressure rating! Same as our other water works couplings.

– The connection is shipped ready to use, simply insert the pipe and tighten.

– Once tightened onto pipe, the teeth will penetrate the outer surface of the pipe and provide restraint

– The gripper body will form to the pipe OD and be in full contact and support the pipe around its entire circumference

– The rubber seals conform to the pipe diameter, providing high pressure sealing of the waterway as well as preventing contaminants and       soil from entering the gripper area.

– The gripper sub-assembly is symmetrical, and therefore works in either direction regardless of the orientation.

– The gripper sub-assembly is a snug fit in the nut preventing loss of the gripper and seals in the trench.

– The Stainless Steel teeth provide electrical continuity from metallic pipes to the coupling body, eliminating the need for trace wires when metallic pipes are used.

– Accommodates pipes that are slightly oval or slightly deformed, saving time and materials in some sizing situations.

U3 and U4 are currently available, other sizes in development.

 Romac Industries logo

Romac Industries Wide Range Restraint Coupling

 Alpha Advantages

• Wide range covers DI through IPS PVC pipe diameters without having to change components.

• One piece, stab-fit installation.

• Cast components are high strength ductile iron.

• Working pressure: up to 350 PSI.

• Accommodates 8 degrees of deflection (4 degrees on each end).

• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

• Patents Pending.

• Alpha is approved for use on:

Ductile iron

Cast iron ( Classes A and B)

PVC IPS size (Sch 40, Sch 80 & SDR 21)

PVC C900 and C909

For other pipe materials, contact Romac at

1.800.426.9341, or go to: www.romac.com